Hiking in Busan!

Hey hey!

I wanted to share what I did during the weekend.

This past weekend, as you can see from the title I went hiking. I also saw a new movie that came out “Avenger’s Infinity wars”, had a house warming in my new apartment and celebrated my one year anniversary with my boy friend. So much has happened this weekend!!

On Friday, I had my first house warming in Busan. WOOOO!

Last year I couldn’t invite anyone over because my house literally felt like a shoe box. It was so small; the single bed took up the whole area. It was 3 by 5 meters squared so. Once I had my laundry hangers out to dry my clothes, there was no space to move around. This year I decided I wasn’t having that anymore and moved to a bigger place.

12 people came by and we laughed and caught up about life and played games. The house warming was a success. We even ordered chicken delivery and played cards of humanity.

On Saturday, Ben and I went to see Avengers Infinity Wars. It was so good! I didn’t really watch all the super hero movies but man, this was intense. I don’t want to spoil it for others who didn’t watch so that is all I am going to say. GO WATCH IT!

On Sunday, I decided I wanted to join the hike to Geumjeongsan with my friends.  This mountain is the highest mountain peak to hike in Busan. Going up the mountain was such a  strenuous hike. It was so steep and had so many stairs, felt like I was exercising on “stairmasters”. When I finally got to the peak, it was awesome. The views were great.  The crazy thing about Korea is that all the old people hike. They hike better than the younger generation, even better than me.  Most hikers in South Korea are senior citizens, which is the opposite in many western countries.  I guess many of the young people here don’t like to hike.

We ate some circular kimbap 주먹김밥 (Korean sushi) and some chips.

Hiking back down was a lot easier. We ended up stopping to watch this old man and his bee hives. We tasted the honey he collected from his wild bees and it was delicious. One of our friends decided to buy a big jar for 40,000 won and we told him if he did we would split it among our friends.

By the time we went back down it was almost dinner time so we went to a delicious duck place. It was called “ 자봉산장.“ We had a Korean style dinner with charcoal roasted duck and makeoli (rice wine) made near that area. The meal was lovely and everyone devoured their meal.

For our one year anniversary we decided to book a hotel called “Paradise hotel” right in Haeundae beach. It is pricy but I think it was worth it. One year is a long time and I wanted to make sure we made it special and memorable. In my previous blog, I wrote about swimming at the hotel’s rooftop pool and lounging by the beach front hot tub. That is exactly why I came back. I had so much fun last time and wanted to show Ben how relaxing and romantic it was. Hehe! We had a great time swimming, eating burgers and relaxing by the hot tub. I was happy there wasn’t as many people here as the weekend. I’m so happy to have shared my 1 year experience in Korea with a significant other. Ben if you are reading this, thanks for making me happy and traveling Asia with me.

Thanks for reading! This weekend I am going to Seoul so I will have more travel blogs for you.

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