What I eat at lunch time! (Korean public school lunches)

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BIG NEWS: I am making it a goal to try and post a blog once a week.  Every Thursday or Friday expect a blog!!

In this blog, I wanted to share with you what I eat during school lunch. Some of you may not know what a typical Korean student/ teacher eat during lunch and so I wanted to fulfill that curiosity of yours.

Korean lunches in public elementary schools are prepared by a nutritionist. She creates the lunch menu every month. Unlike most public schools back home in the U.S, a team of 5 or more staffs work in the kitchen to create dishes using real fresh ingredients to feed all the hungry staff and children. When I was in elementary school back in New York, I noticed that the food were coming out from frozen boxes and noticed that the lunch staff wasn’t cooking it. They were just mainly heating the frozen/ packaged food up. Usually it would be those rectangular square pizzas, some potato wedges, and some sort of canned peaches and canned greens (like peas, and string beans).  It wasn’t that great to be honest. I guess my favorite lunch was when they served chicken fingers and those juice ices that tasted like a popsicle.

us school lunches.png

I  could see that the food served in these public schools were not as healthy compared to school lunches in South Korea and realized that all the kids eat school provided lunch here. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t eat the school lunch, which was shocking to me.

In a typical Korean lunch, there will always be rice (white, brown, mixed,) and kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) and some sort of soup. Sometimes there will be fruits that are of season or pastry and sometimes if you are lucky a pouch of fruit juice. 🙂

I personally love the food they serve at lunch. It is my favorite time of the day. The food is always hot when you get there. In one of my schools they serve me a big portion of food and in the other school, I can serve myself. Every day is a different menu so it’s pretty exciting and I look forward to lunch time. I feel pretty thankful that I get to eat a nice delicious hot meal at lunch.

Here is what I usually eat:

what i eat in a week

(above) : Rice, ham and tofu mixed with some ketchup seasoning,  spinach, kimchi and cereal and yogurt.

what i eat in a week 4

(above) : Rice, bbq marinated ribs,  spinach, kimchi, tomato with sugar,  seaweed soup and chocolate cake.

what i eat in a week 3

(above) : Rice, deobokki,  spinach, kimchi, mixed broccoli and peppers, and  dumpling soup with egg and seaweed.

what i eat in a week 2(above) : Rice, boiled seasoned potato chunk, marinated squid, spicy pickled radish,  kimchi beef tofu soup, and fried korean pancake.what i eat in a week 1

(above) : Rice, peppers,  kimchi, fried dumplings, carrots and hangover soup with noodles and pork.

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