5 Must See Places in BUSAN!

Hi everyone!!!

I wanted to share with you my 5 MUST SEE places in Busan as well as tips you should know before coming to South Korea.

I would say the 5 must see places in Busan are:

  • Nampo-dong 남포동 – (There are places to shop from designer things to cheap Korean clothing, to all different kinds of Korean and international foods and cafes. )
  • All the beaches, Songdo beach, Gwangali beach, Dadaepo, and Haeundae beach. (During the summer time it’s jam packed with people and food vendors everywhere.) Making it a lot of fun. In Dadaepo beach there is a musical water fountain show that plays every weekend nights and it’s definitely worth watching.
  • Taejondae 태종대 –is a national park and has incredible views of cliffs facing the open sea and nice view of the yeongdo light house.)
  • Seomyeon- 서면(A lot of places to shop, and best place to go hang out and grab a drink and some Korean barbeque with your friends at night.)
  • Oncheon stream park 온천천 – in Dongnae district (During the spring the trees are blooming with cherry blossom flowers making it a lovely scenic walk or a bike ride).

ocheon stream park q.jpg

 Is there anything an international tourists need to know or prepare before visiting Busan?

There a couple of things I think is worth knowing before visiting Busan.

  • You don’t have to tip for services here. In most restaurants there’s buttons that get the waiter/waitresses attention.really-good-food-but
  • Korea is a pretty safe country with low crime rates compared to others so you don’t really need to worry about your belonging getting stolen. (I didn’t see many pick-pocketers here).
  • Transportation is easy and cheap. The subway map and signs are both in English and Korean. There’s even an app (Kakao map) in English that you can download and it will guide you in what bus/ subway stop to get on and get off at. Also it will calculate the amount of time it will take you from one place to another or when another bus/ train is coming. I personally cannot live without this app.kakao map.jpg
  • Free Wifi is pretty much everywhere. Before I got a phone plan I used WIFI anywhere I could get a signal. Most of the time it was everywhere. In most restaurants and cafés and malls. I was shocked I was able to manage to message people without a phone plan when I first arrived. Also if you need help go inside a café and people will try to help you even if you don’t buy anything.
  • Bring deodorant. Most Korean people don’t use deodorant at all and it’s quite expensive to purchase them here.
  • Learn some simple easy Korean phrases like “hello” and “thank you.” Koreans will respect you for knowing some of these phrases.
  • A lot of cab drivers don’t speak much English and drive really fast.
  • Pushing and shoving. After living here I gotten used to the pushing and shoving when people are trying to pass by in the subway or in a crowded store. We might consider it to be rude but here it’s just a common norm. They don’t even second guess that others might think this to be rude. So when you come just expect this to happen.

Do you have any message for our readers?

If you are thinking of visiting Busan, just do it! Busan is a beautiful city filled with beaches, parks, delicious food and amazing night life. Keep this in mind, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

gamcheon                         holi hai

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