Trip to Ulsan

Hey beautiful people. I’m back again to update you on my latest 2-day trip to Ulsan, South Korea.  I am made a V-log on YouTube. Check it out friends : Trip to Ulsan !

On April 22, Saturday, I went to visit Ulsan. Some of my friends live there so it was a good opportunity to go visit. I had an incredible time with my friends and saw amazing sights.

friends ulsan.jpg

We took a $5 bus from Nopo station to Ulsan. It took about 40 min to get there. (2 hours in total from my house) The seats were tremendously comfy with enough leg space for even the tall people.

First, we went to this pizza place by the water. The pizzas were tasty but in my opinion the pizza place in Nampo is much better. Second, we went to this park called Daewangam Park. Literally I kid you not, it is one of the most beautiful places in Korea. It reminds me of Jeju Island.  The park was pretty much cliffs with aqua- like  water surrounding it.  We climbed rocks and took in the sea breeze. My leggings by the end had holes in it from all the pointy cliff rocks. This park was very relaxing. The local Koreans tried to give us some mysterious fish and give us shots of beer and soju which I really didn’t want to partake in but did anyways because it’s rude if you don’t. (SHHH I SPIT IT OUT) I didn’t know what they gave me and was scared to swallow.

dong park 2ulsan meUlsan dong park


We then took a bus and visited a temple and another park. The local buses in Ulsan are the rockiest/ shakiest bus you will ever ride on.  Once you tap your T-money card, boom the bus driver waits for no one. If you aren’t grabbing on to a pole or handle you are doomed to fall on the ground. I had quite the experience.   The park had dragons!!! The dragons had slides and climbing things and was made for kids but I went up and slid down the slide anways. I blame it on the inner kid in me. The Buddhist temple was quite nice. It had a maze in the middle which was cool. We then explored more of the temple and met these two temple dogs. They were pretty friendly.  (I love seeing dogs, especially since I miss my own these days.)


After the long day of exploring we got back to my friends’ place and chilled in my friends’ rooftop with a beer as the sun was setting.  Later that evening we went out again to the bars. We went to this tall fancy looking rooftop bar. They had amazing cocktails. I ordered “Sex on the beach” and it was tasty.

The next morning, we got food at Paris Baguette (Pastry place) and hiked up a hill behind my friends’ house. It was such a steep hike.  Fell about two times but it’s all good.  I was a true champ about it.  Although I felt like my legs were falling apart. The view at the top was worth it though.  Standing on the top of the mountain, felt so good. Especially with the nice cool breeze.  We then explored more of the mountain and came down.  (He lives next to one of the biggest HYUNDAI car factories! PEEP below all the grey area, they are cars.)

top of the mountain ulsan.jpg

Later on the day, we went to Ulsan Grand Park.  It was the perfect day to visit a park since the weather was beautiful. So many people walking and riding bikes.  We walked on one of those spiky rock things. Those things really hurt my food but apparently it is so good for your circulation.  (Not a fan)

Although it was short trip, it was an awesome time. Will definitely go back again!!!

me in ulsan.jpg

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