My short trip to Charleston,South Carolina

Hey Ya’ll,

Last Thursday, I flew up to Charleston, South Carolina for a short little vacation trip. For a long time, my mom and I decided that we needed to get out of New York City and see other parts of the states. Last time we took a trip to Boston, and now this time we wanted to visit another cool city  preferably on the east coast and we ended up with Charleston. One of my best friends told me that it was her favorite place to be and the idea of warmer weather excited me.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn (historic site area) which was so convenient because everything was a 15-20 minute walk downtown. Downtown is where all the action was.

The first day: We went to the market place area where they had bunch of food places and random shops. We ate at this place called “Noisy Oyster” but the food wasn’t that great. It was very salty and greasy. We also tried this dessert cafe place  afterwards called “Kaminsky’s” and ordered latte and a toasted marshmallow drink. It tasted sweet and sugary but we were so bloated and full from lunch that we couldn’t enjoy it. To walk off all the food we just ate we went to the waterfront which was very calming and beautiful. There was a cute pineapple fountain near the pier. We then walked all the way to Rainbow Row (street filled with houses of all different colors). It reminded me of a cute French or European town.

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Rainbow Row

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On the way home we walked down King street and shopped. I bought a blanket sweater that kept me so warm. King street has all the stores from Victoria Secret to Louis Vuitton you name it. It made me think of California in some way. I think its probably cause of all the palm trees and cute short building.

Day 2:

We woke up late and walked down to breakfast to this place called “Toast”. It was recommended to me by a friend and the reviews looked good so I had to check this place out. We split a omelet and french toast. I don’t know what it was but it was not that great. The omelet was very average and the french toast was not sweet enough. I think the south has a different taste when it comes to food or maybe my tongue is spoiled by NYC food.

Here’s a pic of me with the food for your enjoyment:


We then decided to visit College of Charleston. According to my sources, “The Notebook” and “Dear John” was filmed there. College of Charleston was cute little school. As I walked around I noticed the tour guide guiding incoming freshman and I thought to myself that I probably look like one especially with my mom next to me.

From there on, we took an Uber cab to Folly Beach and it was beautiful. The weather was very windy but so peaceful. Dogs were running in and out of the waves. We walked along the sand as well as the pier. This was one of our favorite moments.

Coming back from the beach, we stopped by a sweet candy shop and bought these things called “Pralines” and they look like cookies with pecans in them but as soon as you put it in your mouth it just all melts into sugar. Every where you go they yell “Free praline samples just baked out of the oven.” It’s a big commodity here. We ordered one pound and half. My mom loves them so much she pretty much ate one pound of it. Tsk… Tsk…

Lastly, at the end of the day we walked to the waterfront again and swung on the swinging benches and closed our eyes to enjoy our last moment here. Suddenly, we heard some people yell “Dolphins” and ran to the pier to take a closer look .  There it was, a bunch of dolphins swimming along. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I tried to get a pic but failed.


My attempt to take a pic of the dolphin

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Mom and I by the pier

Overall, I think this trip was a fun experience and adventure.  I could not see myself living there because of the food (mostly fried, salty, or very sweet) and because the amount of people living there and the lack of diversity. Living in NYC I am used to lots of different people walking around the streets and all over me but Charleston was pretty empty and less diverse. Would I come visit again? ah yes I would come back again maybe when it is a bit warmer and with a bunch of my friends.

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