Favorite Asian food spots in NYC

Hello beautiful people!

I wanted to share with you all my top favorite asian food places to eat in New York City, For now, this is where I am currently living, breathing, and eating. I know there are tons of places to dine in the city and I’m sure most of them are good or maybe even better but the one’s I am telling you about are my go to’s. If you are in NYC and craving some asian food you’ve come to the right blog! 🙂

  1. Chinese food: “Excellent Dumpling House”   (111 Lafayette st. New York , NY 10013) My favorite Chinese Food place is all the way down in Chinatown of course. It is called the Excellent Dumpling House. Obviously from its name you can tell the dumplings are excellent and they are to most certainly are. I usually go there during lunch to get their lunch special discounts and order steamed pork dumpling which is unbelievably amazing. Then I get a mixed vegetable and shrimp with brown rice on the side which is simply so fresh and delicious. This place never lets me down and it is very cheap for eating in the city.



Steamed Pork Dumplings



2. Thai Food: “Bangkok Cuisine” (1586 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028)                                                I never loved thai food until now. This place is located on the Upper East Side and has amazing thai food and classy atmosphere. I go there pretty often that their waitresses all recognize me by now. My favorite part about this place is their lunch specials. For $9.95 you can get a three course meal. (Such a good deal!) Things you need to order when you are there: Shrimp and Pork dumplings, King Crab Rangoon (tiny puff pastry with imitation crab and cream cheese), and spring rolls. My mom and I are obsessed with them. I also love their red curry, roasted cashew nut and spicy basil fried rice etc.




left: shrimp and pork dumpling, top: spring rolls, bottom: king crab rangoon 

My mom told me that if she were to have her last meal ever on this Earth it would be the three appetizers shown above!

3. Vietnamese food: “Vietnaam” (1700 2nd Ave New York, NY, 10128)  

This place is also located on the Upper East side. I love love love their PHO and summer rolls. This is my go to for some hot pho soup and fresh summer roll with shrimp. Perfect for the winter time!


These are my three favorite asian food places in New York City.

Thank you for reading! I love trying new places and so if you have any other favorite places I should definitely go to in the city please leave a comment below!

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